Fine European Pastries

Holiday Specialties

German chocolate cake
Swiss Gingerbread Chalet
Gingerbread Chalet
Gingerbread Painting "The Rotunda at UVA"
For those of you who are looking for a European-inspired holiday specialty, come in and pick up a tasty Stollen, a sweet bread of nuts, raisins, citron and spices.  They disappear from the shelf quickly; you might want to place an order for them.  540.885.8919

Bring this to the table - a classic Buche de Noel, translated as "yule log".  Ours is made with chocolate meringue cake that is spread with vanilla butter cream and raspberry jam, rolled into a log shape and covered with buttercream.  The surface resembles the bark of a log and is garnished with meringue mushrooms.  Serves approximately 10-12.

Linzer Torte
Linzer Torte

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